Welcome Liberty Lovers!

What do cow horns, facebook, bankruptcy, breasts, and home births have in common? The true American brand of Liberty, of course! The topics represent the most basic ideals of life–nutrition, financial freedom, personal privacy. They elucidate the roles we allow government and corporations to play in our lives. They epitomize our environmental health, whether physical, mental, or ought else as your personal affiliations and inclinations may indicate.

And with that I say Greeting Friends! Welcome to my website. I invite you to join me for any part of my dive down the rabbit hole as I explore the landscape of Liberty in America through the lens of common sense, logic, and the law.

I have considered blogging for some time, but put it off thinking my passions disparate and thus unsuitable for a proper blog. I finally saw the golden thread linking it all together when I realized my interests in health care, nutrition, food politics, parenting rights, financial freedom, ethics, technology and privacy, even book and movie reviews for all those quirky things I enjoy, are all ideologically bound together in the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

I believe that one should have the option to live as he or she will, if it does no harm to people and places that share this space.  I intend to put this statement to the test as I write this blog. I welcome your comments and constructive criticism.

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