Teens Concerned For Privacy Rights?

social media blogging tipsTeens are leading the charge for privacy rights…from parents. Nothing new there, really. How do we get them to understand Big Brother is watching too? According to this article, they’re leaving Facebook in favor of other social media away from the prying eyes of Aunt Edna. Perhaps also to avoid becoming an internet sensation via youtube when daddy shoots up your laptop because he doesn’t like your FB post. But seriously, this article is very interesting because it shows the dichotomy of the self in society through the instinctual preservation of one’s own thoughts versus the effect of our consumerism society that is obliterating the idea of privacy and attention spans; constantly flitting from one superficial idea or product to another is yet another way the self is being attacked and disintegrated.

Apparently I woke up on the philosophical side of the bed this morning. Hat tip to Activist Post for the article link.

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