What I learned about parenting from the Man with the Yellow Hat

what begins with m

I haven’t posted in so long, it’s hard to know where to start. There is lots to say on such topcis as the New Year, death, illness, stress management (, the failure of), the Total Money Makeover, residency (which currently has the upper hand in the battle for my soul — think Sauron before Isildur cuts off the one ring). But I’m going to start with the smaller quotidian battles of toddlerhood that have been playing themselves out on our stage of late.

E has been into Curious George recently. There is lots to talk about with Curious George (e.g. colonialism, class issues in Manhattan, why everyone from crane operators to hot-air balloonists seem unphased by interacting with a talking monkey) but what has been striking me most is the way The Man with the Yellow Hat’s parents George, the ultimate toddler. The typical episode of Curious George begins with…

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What is a Women’s Circle?

the divine feminine app: Find a Women's Circle

This upcoming November, I will have been hosting Women’s Circles every two weeks for three years. And I realized this morning, that one of the problems with this is that you forget that a whole lotta women … have no idea what you’re talking about.

Lately, when I create the Invite on Facebook for the ones where we welcome new members, I’ve been leaving the description blank … hmmm, what is it exactly that we’re doing?

Luckily, I found the Facebook group description from our group:

The Moon Lodge is a women’s circle that meets on new and full moons as an interfaith place to pause from the stress of everyday life, honor the rhythms in ourselves and our world, appreciate beauty, our unique strengths, support each other, state intentions, help each other grow as we need to and better love, love, love … no room here for petty, judgmental…

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